Tuesday, August 2, 2016


DEAR GOD ...thank you for this happiest trip that i ever did in my life. Well, hello darling.. long time no see you. I dont know why i feel so lazy to open this blog and write my story here. Actually i have a lot of interesting stories that i wanna share. on 17 MAY, my boy friend and me tried something new in our realtionship. We went to Java together and tried to explore java. I was so lucky on this trip, bcs i found much promotion in accomodation. Guess how much i spent money for this trip ? only 6 milion for couple. Super lucky! Bcs dharmika has not visited Yogya and Malang yet. So we went to Yogya, Malang and Surabaya. I have been visited yogya 4 times, and it always special. And Now, trip to Yogyakarta it was suppperrr special bcs i came with my love. And here is the first trip--- YOGYAKARTA---- To be able to reduce our cost on this trip, we used public transportation to get everywhere. It was not hard at all and it was very funny. Actually i had used Transjogja when i came to Jogja for the first time. My older sister picked me up with Transjogja, so i knew it would be fast bcs i had used it before. Then after we used becak to take us go to hotel that located nearby Train Station Lempuyang. oh my god, pardon my fake smile i was so fvckin tired.. He was very happy with the becak.. we cant stop laughed on our way. Withing trip in Jogja, we stayed in cheaper hotel but comfortable enough, the hotel was Sky Hotel. I met many Balinese people stay here, they told me that this hotel was strategic location bcs near everywhere. As you know ambince of Yogya never made me bored. We tried lunch woth soto and tried spa massage in Attanaya Spa. Oh ya, we rented Motorcycle from hotel that made me easy to go some good places. Now i will show you the place that we have visited yet. Super cool Jogja : BOROBUDUR. you know what that was my first time came to this place. Beautiful place, took times 2 hours to go to this place, i got there by motorcycle. It was so tired dayyyyy but super cool
GEREJA AYAM -- this place not far way from borobudur.
TAMAN WISATA KALIBIRU SUPER COOL! i'm in love with the view
UGH SUPER COOL TRIP, super exhausting trip but i had memories.. thank you jir, you allowed me to accompany your this trip :') Then we went to MALANG --- we got there by train, super comfortable train.. love much.
i love you so much, impossible to forget this moment.. THEN HERE IS OUR TRIP IN MALANG
UNTIL NOW, i cant stop adoring BROMO Mountain, i love the ambience i love the view i love everything about Bromo, again thank you jir. THANK YOU also for my friend saskia squad, thank you had been treating us very well.. MALANG was good, malang has many place to come, delicious food, everything was funtastic.. LAST TRIP ---SURABAYA--- o,... o .. sorry i didnt take any pictures in Surabaya it bcs we just stayed in Hotel. So comfortable hotel ugh loveee so much
the view from our room. UNFORGETABLE MOMENT.. i cant stop smiling bcs of this picture. imposibble to forget this trip, the most happiest trip so far .. I learned so much from this trip, you fighted for me, you kept me, you treat me well and we discussed everything with love. We could shared the bad or the good things. We didnt care with someone else. You know what? i felt like you will be a good father :' so much thank for eveything. We dont know the future, if we have a chance i hope we can traveling arround the world. Thank You

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