Saturday, February 27, 2016


HELLO! do youu guys still remember me? haha it has been a year i never post my new blog it be cause i was very focus with my thesis. August 7 2015 i had passed my exam very well and Nov 20 2015 i was officialy Bachelor of Law. I was very happy bcs my goals in 2015 had achived. Top ten in Faculty and Officialy Bachelor of Law. My friend once told me that this was not the end of my journey but the begining.. A new level awaits me.. Some peoples ask me what are you doing now? work in lawfirm? or continue your study.. Yeah, actually i realy love to work in my basic study (lawyer) but i couldnt avoid that my mother has been waiting me for helping her to manage our family busines which is Garment Busines. as a good daugther i dont want to follow my ego, i have to help her. The Garment need a new generation and new system. i think this is my time to make my mom dreams come true. And now i'm very happy be cause i can work together with my mom and handle some job that my mom cant. At the first place i really didnt know what i had to do with this job but as time went by i was immersing my self to this gig, i learnt everything about fabric and anything about Garment. Some customers was really welcome when my mom declare that Me will be the next owner for Casa Garment. They said that my job was very good and the were funny with it. i hope i can work better and better than before. i never worry to face every problem that come into my life bcs i can learn a new things from this, even i once feel tired and give up but, that was not a solution. Face the problem and learn by mistake.. here is some picture that i took when i was celebrating my favorite day in 2015
thank you so much to this guy that always make crazy every time but you are the one that make me safe and happy!! thank you for teaching to face every problem in life.
Anyway thank you for every people beside me that give me support and pray fro me.. i know you guys forever will be my favorite friends.. congratulation for us