Tuesday, October 27, 2015


In the begining of january 2014, my friend once asked me about my goals for this year, and i said "i wanna go to Alsa Forum Taiwan ". i knew it sounds like impossible, but i belive that impossible just a word. I tried to follow all the requirement to become a delegates and finally i made it. I could being Indonesia delegates to Alsa Forum Taiwan 2014. As time went by, the day had come. With long preparation eventually i could arrived in Taipei on August 2 2014. It felt like i was dreaming, but actually i was in reality. I was very excited with Touyuan Airport, it was very shopisticated airport.
My friend and me stayed in Apartement that my friend already booked. Even the apartement wasnt wide but it was comfortable enough.
Bcs There werent a restaurant and market arround there for dinner, we decided to go to Shillin Night Market. Shillin Night Market open started from 6 pm - 2 am. There was a many street foods, restaurant and boutiqe. If you very love shopping i suggest you to visit this place, you will see every stuff that you never see before. ugh sorry, for shillin market i only have this picture.
Day two, We had a plan to take a vidio at Ximending for opening party in Alsa Forum for that moment. As always we went to Ximending by MRT, i was very excited for this market bcs Ximending was a popular night market that we should visit if we come to taiwan.
Wohoo ximeding was so crowded, so many people there and i kind of confused to mark off my friend and strangger. But it was very funtastic market after that we went back to apartement to take a rest and prepared for tomorrow bcs tomorrow was the day. Yeah! and the day come, all delegates from another country was gathering in Sunworld Dynasti Hotel Taipei Aug,4 2014
after we checked -in the next schedule was Welcoming Party ..
i met many law students from another country was gathering here, they worn crazy costum like they were an actor in Hollywood. Everyone enjoyed the party and of cousre 'selfie is a must"
and the welcoming party had done. And then i will share what i had done so far as long i stayed in Taiwan. please check it Below: i forgot the name of this bulding, mm i just remember that was Government's area. Annnddddddd heere is Modern Toilet Cafe.... Oh damnnn it was so very disgusting but very interesting.
Thank You so MUCHHHH ALSA you made my dream come true. I found many friend here and a lot of experience.. and for you, i hope you guys enjoy this review, sorry for late post.. DONT KILL THE DREAM