Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hii Guys , How are you ? i hope you are good ! i'm verry happy now bcs i've done my internship at mayor office , all my report has done and my journal on progress to valid. One step to reach my barchelor , i hope in the begining of 2015 i can be done my study ( amen ) . Tonite, i would like to write something in respect with hot news in my lovely country , and the topic is presidential election . This 9 july is indonesia president election , everyone uses their right to vote their option . this is our time to determine Indonesia future for the next Five years , Election is one of the best ways to actualize democracy , This election has LUBER and JURDIL principle, LUBER means Lansgung Umum Bebas Rahasia and JURDIL means Jujur dan Adil. Indonesia has two candidate which is Prabowo and Jokowi.Prabowo is a former army special forces general meanwhile the rival Jokowi is Jakarta Governer. In every statement that they said it was affirm us that they would like to build our lovely country to be better than before . Prabowo and Jokowi actually have several differences among themselve . Prabowo is a leader who has firms and courageous character. And jokowi has humble and pro cityzen character. Both of them absolutely has positive and negative side . If we talk about leader we have to know what kind of leader who deserve lead our lovely country. As we know Indonesia has a huge terrytory and a lot of natural resources but Indonesian is still poor bcs coruption . So i believe that we need a leader who can solve that problem and a leader who can give a breakthrough in regard with the actualisation good goevrner . Dont forget with this up comming challange " AEC 2015 " , Indonesia hasnt prepared yet for face that challange . That being said indonesia need a leader who can assure us that he could make people more prosperous . The last but not least i personally believe that we need a leader who understand the situation in Indonesia and he know how to solve the problem . That's it all my opinion about our candidate , i dont mean to affect your mind whit this blog i just remind you to think it through before you vote that . haha whoever the president hopefully he could defend cityzen right . Thankyou


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