Monday, May 19, 2014


i've been waiting for a long time to have this time , Ultimatelly my blog up date . May is my month bcs last week ago for exact 4th May was my birthday . It was memorable moment , i didnt expect too much about my birthday present but my family and my friends gave me a lot of wishes and presents . 1st Birthday present come from ICCC team melia sandra and stevani , they come to my home and gave a surprise .. i was lying on my bed when they come and i was surprissed ..
Birthday present from them .. minion pillow and note book
and the 2nd Birthday present come from Colin Titak Tegar Nana
and 3rd birthday present come from my famous family .. cahya and gek . they come when i was waiting someone at my home bcs that night i had appoinment with him to go to somewhere to celebrate my day and i was shock cahya and gek come .. hahaha thankyou so much honeyy
look that picture ! i was shockkkkk when they took a pic haha bcs i thought the wouldnt comeee and thennn i went to somewhere for dinner with someone who had appoinment with me, yah i celebrated my day without romantic dinner , even the atmosphare wasnt romantic but thnakyou it was good enough to adorn ma birthday stories PORK Steak .. it was delicious enough for our dinner .
he gave me this totte bag , hahaha i was happy when he gave me this present bcs i love this totte bag motiv . Joy Division , he always gave me something that i need , thankss
and present from my mom and ma father gonna be tickets goes to TAIWAN waaaaaa , thank thank thank a lot mom paa .. and obviously GOD .. i pass test from alsa indonesia to become delegates Alsa Forum that held in Taiwan .
Amazing present and awsome opportunity .. thank a lot god , fam , and friend .. thankyou always beside me and support me .. I hope in this age i can reach my dream , i can being fruitfull for somebody arround me .. more maturity and do not act like a childish .. Amen ... and of course for ma Univ i hope i can make it finish as soon as possible .. thank thank thank a ton and heyhooo 20 ...