Friday, March 7, 2014

There's no WHITE without BLACK .

White and Black ! those are my lovely color . i have many outfit with those color and i never bored to wear them . And now i'll show it up to you my favorite outfit with black and white color .
wearing white sleeves and lovely cluth made by my self , skirt by Norma Kamali , heels by new look .
I would like to say thank full for my mom bcs she gave me this cluth , she really understand what her daugther like. Actually that cluth made by my mom for exact her employer . Oh ya , i would like to inroduce my friend self to you guys . So , when i took this picture i was going with them to celebrate Valentine Days together . They were my lovely friend in Bali Fashion Blogger . You can visit their blog each other .
yaaa , just wear what you love !

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