Wednesday, March 5, 2014


hey my lovely boy , have you done your job tonite ? how was your day ? sorry , i dont mean to bother you . but i really really miss you now . i miss when you picked me up at the first time . i miss when you said your name were justin , i miss your smile and your laugh . haha i miss when we took a walk at night , and we shared some funy stories . i miss when you cried in my room , i miss when you told your story and i gave you some advices . nobody know what we've made so far . how close we are and how complicated our stories . Am i wrong if i miss you ? i miss every story that we have made :') you constantly on my mind . do you remember me ? do you miss me like i do ? like i always do ? yeah , i know it sounds like stupid ! bcs i miss someone who broke my heart . There were a lot of sadness even funny story that we've made and i never want to forget . But life must go on , like you 've told me before " i doubt with you mel " and i doubt with you too .This is our time to create our future honey . I know and really know nomatter how i convince you , it will never make it . This is your choice , and we must do it . Slowly GOD will show me the reason why we never being together . but let see what will happen with our future , i hope you can meet someone who really care with you and your family . yah i never want to blame you bcs this is my destiny . Thank for everything . see you when i see you

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