Sunday, February 23, 2014


Good Friend are treasure , good coffe is a pleasure . Have you visited this place guys ? LIVING STONE , nearby mie 88 seminyak . Ya i think everyone has known about it. If you have no visited it yet , i suggest you to visit it ASAP !! Dont worry if you come alone bcs Living Stone will make you feel comfort and happy . There's many cake with various flavours , cheese , chocolate , matcha even passion fruit cheese cake and etc . The interior this cafe was very homie . And of course the maid was very polite and friendly . When i went there , i made conversation with the cheff. We talked about favorite cake in Living Stone and the other convers . So guys what are you waiting for ! hurry up to visit this cafe , i guarantee you never regret !

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Somewhere Only We Know

Last week , my friend took me went to somewhere . She didnt answer my question when i asked " where do you want to go ? " she said " SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW " oke i just followed her , and finally we arrived in a place that i didnt know at all . There were a beautiful beach and view of farm arround there . What a beautifull dayyyyyyy ! Many foreigner took a walk arround there and some of them played surfing . All of sudden i forgot my sadness and all my problems for a while. I was very excited when i saw that place , i felt like i didnt leave in Bali but leave in paradise .
i'm sorry if the picture i've taken blur. yahhhh that is my humble story about my friend and me went to somewhere only we know .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey blogger , how was your day ? i hope it was good . ultimately i have time to post some story on blog . I've done my exam and just waiting the result . I hope i get a good news regarding the result . Is listening Miliey Cyrus ADORE YOU , i love this song actually , that song same as what i feeling tonite . Adore someone is normal but i'm worry about this feeling . I'm worry to fall in love again , i'm worry it will hurt me . I tried to control this feel , but someone made it to steal my heart . Initially i met with him at his house, my friend introduced his self to me . But i didnt interest at all . Yeah after we had known each other I tried to start the convertation with him and he made the converse was so funny , i felt so comfort and everything had changed when he smiled to me . and i felt there was a something that made my heart skip a beat . As time went by , our friendship closer .Ricently , We often went to somewhere together with the other friend , we made a lot of funny story ! we were crazy each time when we had meeting . Oh yah , at that moment we talked about "hobbies" and you know , we had similar hobbies and same taste of song , fashion and favorite cafe ! oh damn it was so interesting . He slowly could touched my heart and i adore with his act " LOW PROFILE , GENTLEMAN and FRIENDLY " . He was smart guy , he got many academic award but he never show it off to us . Oh i cant elaborate all his action . But the core is he realized me that i need someone who can treat me so good , low profile , gentleman and friendly . Yahh , i dont hope too much he will be mine , just ADORE ..