Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hii Guys , How are you ? i hope you are good ! i'm verry happy now bcs i've done my internship at mayor office , all my report has done and my journal on progress to valid. One step to reach my barchelor , i hope in the begining of 2015 i can be done my study ( amen ) . Tonite, i would like to write something in respect with hot news in my lovely country , and the topic is presidential election . This 9 july is indonesia president election , everyone uses their right to vote their option . this is our time to determine Indonesia future for the next Five years , Election is one of the best ways to actualize democracy , This election has LUBER and JURDIL principle, LUBER means Lansgung Umum Bebas Rahasia and JURDIL means Jujur dan Adil. Indonesia has two candidate which is Prabowo and Jokowi.Prabowo is a former army special forces general meanwhile the rival Jokowi is Jakarta Governer. In every statement that they said it was affirm us that they would like to build our lovely country to be better than before . Prabowo and Jokowi actually have several differences among themselve . Prabowo is a leader who has firms and courageous character. And jokowi has humble and pro cityzen character. Both of them absolutely has positive and negative side . If we talk about leader we have to know what kind of leader who deserve lead our lovely country. As we know Indonesia has a huge terrytory and a lot of natural resources but Indonesian is still poor bcs coruption . So i believe that we need a leader who can solve that problem and a leader who can give a breakthrough in regard with the actualisation good goevrner . Dont forget with this up comming challange " AEC 2015 " , Indonesia hasnt prepared yet for face that challange . That being said indonesia need a leader who can assure us that he could make people more prosperous . The last but not least i personally believe that we need a leader who understand the situation in Indonesia and he know how to solve the problem . That's it all my opinion about our candidate , i dont mean to affect your mind whit this blog i just remind you to think it through before you vote that . haha whoever the president hopefully he could defend cityzen right . Thankyou

Monday, May 19, 2014


i've been waiting for a long time to have this time , Ultimatelly my blog up date . May is my month bcs last week ago for exact 4th May was my birthday . It was memorable moment , i didnt expect too much about my birthday present but my family and my friends gave me a lot of wishes and presents . 1st Birthday present come from ICCC team melia sandra and stevani , they come to my home and gave a surprise .. i was lying on my bed when they come and i was surprissed ..
Birthday present from them .. minion pillow and note book
and the 2nd Birthday present come from Colin Titak Tegar Nana
and 3rd birthday present come from my famous family .. cahya and gek . they come when i was waiting someone at my home bcs that night i had appoinment with him to go to somewhere to celebrate my day and i was shock cahya and gek come .. hahaha thankyou so much honeyy
look that picture ! i was shockkkkk when they took a pic haha bcs i thought the wouldnt comeee and thennn i went to somewhere for dinner with someone who had appoinment with me, yah i celebrated my day without romantic dinner , even the atmosphare wasnt romantic but thnakyou it was good enough to adorn ma birthday stories PORK Steak .. it was delicious enough for our dinner .
he gave me this totte bag , hahaha i was happy when he gave me this present bcs i love this totte bag motiv . Joy Division , he always gave me something that i need , thankss
and present from my mom and ma father gonna be tickets goes to TAIWAN waaaaaa , thank thank thank a lot mom paa .. and obviously GOD .. i pass test from alsa indonesia to become delegates Alsa Forum that held in Taiwan .
Amazing present and awsome opportunity .. thank a lot god , fam , and friend .. thankyou always beside me and support me .. I hope in this age i can reach my dream , i can being fruitfull for somebody arround me .. more maturity and do not act like a childish .. Amen ... and of course for ma Univ i hope i can make it finish as soon as possible .. thank thank thank a ton and heyhooo 20 ...

Friday, March 7, 2014

There's no WHITE without BLACK .

White and Black ! those are my lovely color . i have many outfit with those color and i never bored to wear them . And now i'll show it up to you my favorite outfit with black and white color .
wearing white sleeves and lovely cluth made by my self , skirt by Norma Kamali , heels by new look .
I would like to say thank full for my mom bcs she gave me this cluth , she really understand what her daugther like. Actually that cluth made by my mom for exact her employer . Oh ya , i would like to inroduce my friend self to you guys . So , when i took this picture i was going with them to celebrate Valentine Days together . They were my lovely friend in Bali Fashion Blogger . You can visit their blog each other .
yaaa , just wear what you love !

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


hey my lovely boy , have you done your job tonite ? how was your day ? sorry , i dont mean to bother you . but i really really miss you now . i miss when you picked me up at the first time . i miss when you said your name were justin , i miss your smile and your laugh . haha i miss when we took a walk at night , and we shared some funy stories . i miss when you cried in my room , i miss when you told your story and i gave you some advices . nobody know what we've made so far . how close we are and how complicated our stories . Am i wrong if i miss you ? i miss every story that we have made :') you constantly on my mind . do you remember me ? do you miss me like i do ? like i always do ? yeah , i know it sounds like stupid ! bcs i miss someone who broke my heart . There were a lot of sadness even funny story that we've made and i never want to forget . But life must go on , like you 've told me before " i doubt with you mel " and i doubt with you too .This is our time to create our future honey . I know and really know nomatter how i convince you , it will never make it . This is your choice , and we must do it . Slowly GOD will show me the reason why we never being together . but let see what will happen with our future , i hope you can meet someone who really care with you and your family . yah i never want to blame you bcs this is my destiny . Thank for everything . see you when i see you

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Good Friend are treasure , good coffe is a pleasure . Have you visited this place guys ? LIVING STONE , nearby mie 88 seminyak . Ya i think everyone has known about it. If you have no visited it yet , i suggest you to visit it ASAP !! Dont worry if you come alone bcs Living Stone will make you feel comfort and happy . There's many cake with various flavours , cheese , chocolate , matcha even passion fruit cheese cake and etc . The interior this cafe was very homie . And of course the maid was very polite and friendly . When i went there , i made conversation with the cheff. We talked about favorite cake in Living Stone and the other convers . So guys what are you waiting for ! hurry up to visit this cafe , i guarantee you never regret !

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Somewhere Only We Know

Last week , my friend took me went to somewhere . She didnt answer my question when i asked " where do you want to go ? " she said " SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW " oke i just followed her , and finally we arrived in a place that i didnt know at all . There were a beautiful beach and view of farm arround there . What a beautifull dayyyyyyy ! Many foreigner took a walk arround there and some of them played surfing . All of sudden i forgot my sadness and all my problems for a while. I was very excited when i saw that place , i felt like i didnt leave in Bali but leave in paradise .
i'm sorry if the picture i've taken blur. yahhhh that is my humble story about my friend and me went to somewhere only we know .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey blogger , how was your day ? i hope it was good . ultimately i have time to post some story on blog . I've done my exam and just waiting the result . I hope i get a good news regarding the result . Is listening Miliey Cyrus ADORE YOU , i love this song actually , that song same as what i feeling tonite . Adore someone is normal but i'm worry about this feeling . I'm worry to fall in love again , i'm worry it will hurt me . I tried to control this feel , but someone made it to steal my heart . Initially i met with him at his house, my friend introduced his self to me . But i didnt interest at all . Yeah after we had known each other I tried to start the convertation with him and he made the converse was so funny , i felt so comfort and everything had changed when he smiled to me . and i felt there was a something that made my heart skip a beat . As time went by , our friendship closer .Ricently , We often went to somewhere together with the other friend , we made a lot of funny story ! we were crazy each time when we had meeting . Oh yah , at that moment we talked about "hobbies" and you know , we had similar hobbies and same taste of song , fashion and favorite cafe ! oh damn it was so interesting . He slowly could touched my heart and i adore with his act " LOW PROFILE , GENTLEMAN and FRIENDLY " . He was smart guy , he got many academic award but he never show it off to us . Oh i cant elaborate all his action . But the core is he realized me that i need someone who can treat me so good , low profile , gentleman and friendly . Yahh , i dont hope too much he will be mine , just ADORE ..

Friday, January 10, 2014

I Definetly Wrong

Helo blogger , how are you ? i hope you are good . Tsahhh 2013 has gone and 2014 ready for give us some surprise . I would like to share a funny story on January . One weeks ago , me and my friend went to Sunset Villa at Pererenan . I went with my best friend and some new friends . Boby as my best friend told me to joint with them went to his friend's villa . Initially i wont to joint with them because i didnt know his friend at all . But boby convince me it would be funy . Than i invited my beloved friend ( ivon and novel ) to joint with us . Bcs my friends were very excited with that i told boby to pick us up . When boby introduced his friend to us , my friend and me felt inconvinience bcs they looked unfriendly .I tought it would be a bored day bcs i didnt know them. And I DEFINETLY WRONG ! they were very funny !!! it was memorable moment on january ! They were very friendly , care and also made the day full of happiness . We laughed and we shared some jokes . it was surprised !!! We were enjoyed that time , and i felt our friendship closer .
Ya !! Thankyou thankyou thankyou !!! i learned from it , dont judge people before you know them !Yahhhh , thanks god thanks for a little present on January xxx