Monday, December 16, 2013

the second plan - BALIQUE

Last Saturday morning , my friend and me had plan to go to Nusa Dua Beach , Actually we would like to breakfast in The Pirates Bay ( restaurant ), when we arrived in Nusa Dua , the pirates had closed . and we just took a walk arround beach . Because on saturday last week the weather really not friendly we decided to go to another place for breakfast .
A long the way , we didnt know where we have to go . just follow the way and finally we met some reastaurant that already open for breakfast . And here we go ! The Restaurant Name Was BALIQUE
The Place was verry cozy and homie , there are many unique and vintage things , The Interior of this place was very awsome . The owner could make this place very comfortable for visitor . i felt like i lived in 70's . The staff who service us really polite and friendly . I love that place ! i ordered pasta and humbuger for meal watermelon juice and lime squash for drink . Yumyyy the meal was verry delicious . After we had our breakfast , we were go on to took a picture . I'm going to show it off to you guys !
I suggest you to visit this place , maybe you can go with your beloved for dinner . Bcs BALIQUE has a beautifull place to make your day become special ..