Tuesday, December 3, 2013


When i took a walk in Malioboro - Yogyakarta with my friend . There were a lot some goods that verry uniqe . I saw a cute t - shirt , wallet , bag and accecoris . Oh my goddddd it was verry cheap price ... But it depend on you . if you could negotiation with the seller maybe you get a cheap price . Actually i didnt want to shopping , i just want to bought something for my friend . BUT all my plan failed when i saw a leather wallet , cuteee ! and i bought two pcs . After that when my friend and me would like to went home , i saw some tote bag near with parking area . I was interested with this bag ,Actualy i loved the printing of this bag " MAS BRO " .Some people gave me a compliment and some people redicule me bout this bag . BUT I dont care what my friend said about it . I just love and no body can hold me on to show off this bag .. BE YOUR SELF

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