Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Night with Sarita and Nurkamaya

As always i got a new job when i really need some activity to forget all my sadness . Kak tia as owner of Sarita Boutique called me and told me to help her be a model for her collection , of course i took that job! . Actually this was not the first time i fashion show in the little tree (name of place i shown yesterday ) . This was my second shown , i worn tree outfit from sarita and nurkamaya collection . I loved every drees that they gave me for fashionshow , their design verry verry good ! .
I enjoyed last night ! i met a new friend from serbia , he name was Nemanya . He was model by nurkamaya . He studied at Politeknik Negeri Bali and his major was Tourism . I disscused about his college , he got scholarship from indonesia gouvernment and he stayed in jimbaran . Oh my god , how smart he is ! and i shocked when he said his age was 31 years old i was like " REALLY? but you look like 25 years old " haha he was verry friendly i was glad to met him yesterday !. After shown ,all of sudden someone comes to me and he made me shocked he said " excuse , could i know your phone number " i was like " oh sorry , for what " and he was like " i need some model for my job , may be you can help me for it " yapss he was a photographer who would like me to be his model for his job . But he made me terrified bcs his voice haha but he was not bad boy actually , he was verry fun . i was happy yesterday everyone could changed my mood . Modeling is my hobbie , i dont care about fee . Tehere are many experience i got from this hobbie . So guys and girls do more what make you happy !

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