Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Side Of The Moon

Initially , when my friend (Guij) gave this t-shirt to me , i was confused because i didnt know about pink floyd actually . But he said this shirt very nice to me , After that i worn this t-shirt when i attended meeting with ALSA at my campus . All of sudden my friend said " oh cool , pink floyd . are you love that song " JERK ! oh come on ! i was shocked when my friend asked me like that . And i was like " ya , i love everything about pink floyd " after i said like that i leave him alone and went to canteen . I lied . I was very mad at Guij , I chatted him on bbm i told him about that story and he just laughing . Sience that time , i was rarely to wear the t - shirt . It was bad t-shirt ever . the t - shirt made me emberrased . because Guij heard i was mad at him , Guij come to my home and gave me some song of pink floyd . He explained about pink floyd to me , Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. the personil of this band are Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, David Gilmour . Actually this band had estiblished sience 1967 with personil Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and Syd Barret , but there were a problem that made Syd Barret resign of this band and David changed the barret position . 1973 Pink Floyd launched Best Almbum Ever with the title " Dark Side Of The Moon " . Hence , everybody fallen love with this band and they knew pink floyd established in 1973 .
Actually i just love 2 song of this band , FEARLESS and I WISH YOU WERE HERE . But i was interested with pink floyd's story when Guij told me the story .
Yah , at least i've knew about pink floyd even little bit , so i do not worrie when someone ask me something regarding Pink Floyd . And I love this t-shirt thanks Guij xxx

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