Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Side Of The Moon

Initially , when my friend (Guij) gave this t-shirt to me , i was confused because i didnt know about pink floyd actually . But he said this shirt very nice to me , After that i worn this t-shirt when i attended meeting with ALSA at my campus . All of sudden my friend said " oh cool , pink floyd . are you love that song " JERK ! oh come on ! i was shocked when my friend asked me like that . And i was like " ya , i love everything about pink floyd " after i said like that i leave him alone and went to canteen . I lied . I was very mad at Guij , I chatted him on bbm i told him about that story and he just laughing . Sience that time , i was rarely to wear the t - shirt . It was bad t-shirt ever . the t - shirt made me emberrased . because Guij heard i was mad at him , Guij come to my home and gave me some song of pink floyd . He explained about pink floyd to me , Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. the personil of this band are Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, David Gilmour . Actually this band had estiblished sience 1967 with personil Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and Syd Barret , but there were a problem that made Syd Barret resign of this band and David changed the barret position . 1973 Pink Floyd launched Best Almbum Ever with the title " Dark Side Of The Moon " . Hence , everybody fallen love with this band and they knew pink floyd established in 1973 .
Actually i just love 2 song of this band , FEARLESS and I WISH YOU WERE HERE . But i was interested with pink floyd's story when Guij told me the story .
Yah , at least i've knew about pink floyd even little bit , so i do not worrie when someone ask me something regarding Pink Floyd . And I love this t-shirt thanks Guij xxx

Monday, December 16, 2013

the second plan - BALIQUE

Last Saturday morning , my friend and me had plan to go to Nusa Dua Beach , Actually we would like to breakfast in The Pirates Bay ( restaurant ), when we arrived in Nusa Dua , the pirates had closed . and we just took a walk arround beach . Because on saturday last week the weather really not friendly we decided to go to another place for breakfast .
A long the way , we didnt know where we have to go . just follow the way and finally we met some reastaurant that already open for breakfast . And here we go ! The Restaurant Name Was BALIQUE
The Place was verry cozy and homie , there are many unique and vintage things , The Interior of this place was very awsome . The owner could make this place very comfortable for visitor . i felt like i lived in 70's . The staff who service us really polite and friendly . I love that place ! i ordered pasta and humbuger for meal watermelon juice and lime squash for drink . Yumyyy the meal was verry delicious . After we had our breakfast , we were go on to took a picture . I'm going to show it off to you guys !
I suggest you to visit this place , maybe you can go with your beloved for dinner . Bcs BALIQUE has a beautifull place to make your day become special ..

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Night with Sarita and Nurkamaya

As always i got a new job when i really need some activity to forget all my sadness . Kak tia as owner of Sarita Boutique called me and told me to help her be a model for her collection , of course i took that job! . Actually this was not the first time i fashion show in the little tree (name of place i shown yesterday ) . This was my second shown , i worn tree outfit from sarita and nurkamaya collection . I loved every drees that they gave me for fashionshow , their design verry verry good ! .
I enjoyed last night ! i met a new friend from serbia , he name was Nemanya . He was model by nurkamaya . He studied at Politeknik Negeri Bali and his major was Tourism . I disscused about his college , he got scholarship from indonesia gouvernment and he stayed in jimbaran . Oh my god , how smart he is ! and i shocked when he said his age was 31 years old i was like " REALLY? but you look like 25 years old " haha he was verry friendly i was glad to met him yesterday !. After shown ,all of sudden someone comes to me and he made me shocked he said " excuse , could i know your phone number " i was like " oh sorry , for what " and he was like " i need some model for my job , may be you can help me for it " yapss he was a photographer who would like me to be his model for his job . But he made me terrified bcs his voice haha but he was not bad boy actually , he was verry fun . i was happy yesterday everyone could changed my mood . Modeling is my hobbie , i dont care about fee . Tehere are many experience i got from this hobbie . So guys and girls do more what make you happy !

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


When i took a walk in Malioboro - Yogyakarta with my friend . There were a lot some goods that verry uniqe . I saw a cute t - shirt , wallet , bag and accecoris . Oh my goddddd it was verry cheap price ... But it depend on you . if you could negotiation with the seller maybe you get a cheap price . Actually i didnt want to shopping , i just want to bought something for my friend . BUT all my plan failed when i saw a leather wallet , cuteee ! and i bought two pcs . After that when my friend and me would like to went home , i saw some tote bag near with parking area . I was interested with this bag ,Actualy i loved the printing of this bag " MAS BRO " .Some people gave me a compliment and some people redicule me bout this bag . BUT I dont care what my friend said about it . I just love and no body can hold me on to show off this bag .. BE YOUR SELF

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Worn bikini by gypsi life for me , it's brand from Australia exactly Darwin . I fallen love this bikni when designer of gypsi life for me showing her design to me , uniq ,simple and i love it certainly. i worn kimono by COCRA PARIS , it's local brand from Bali . I realized my body did not like miranda kerr , but i would like to follow her action .