Sunday, October 27, 2013

thankyou Yogyakarta

YOGYAKARTA , there were a lot memories i made there . I was verry happy when my mom allowed me to went to Yogyakarta before i went to Semarang for my collage activity . It was a good day ever . Before i went to yogyakrta i had called my best friend who stayed in yogyakarta. She name was Ririn , ririn had a house in Yogyakarta , and i stay there for 1 days . So my adventure begun , i went to yogyakarta with my head delegates of Udayana University for POWB XX at semarang . We had a same plan to extend 1 days in Yogyakarta . We Arrived in ririn's house at6 a.m , Actually my purpose to extend in Yogya before i went to semarang was met with my old friend . i talked her about my old friend who never i met before , He name was Randika , i called him dika . Dika from Parang tritis - Yogyakarta and he was studied in UGM ( Universitas Gajah Mada ) . I knew him from social media and we've known each other when we were in Senior High School , he was my best friend . We shared some story about his family , his study till his love story and i sahred as well . bcs that convertation made him and me closer untill now ! 4 years ago , we never met up at all . i let him knew i was in yogyakarta , So he was excited and he wanted to accompany me .Ririn was excited to coerce me to met up with him . But it was carzy , ririn text him and told him to pick up us at ririn's house . 30 minuts later dika text me and said " I'm here " I was shocked ! when i knew dika came to ririn's house . he was verry a kind boy ! oh my gadddd i was so panic , i was nervous . But looked at him ! he was verry relaxed .. he was like " hi melia " and i was like " hii dika , thankyou for pick us up " . He brought a grey car so we went to arthemy cafe - gelato ice cream .
oh my gaddd he was very friendly ,we talked about our daily activity , he asked to me about my college my friends etc , he could changed the atmosphare become funny ..Ririn heckled me and dika . ririn said my face and his face similar .. But dika still relaxed! not like me i was ashamed .
he took me chilling out arround yogyakarta , and i was verry happy . Yogyakarta has a lot of culinary tour . Like angkringan , cafe and etc . we took a walked arround taman siswa while have a look book store ! Bcs dika should pick up his sister , he couldnt accompany me for that nite . And ririn took me went to Alun Alun Timur Yogyakarta ! wohooo it was verry funny ! me and ririn cycling at night . oh my gaddd yogya ! you made me fallen love .
Last Nite in Yogyakarta , dika , ririn ivon took me to somewhere in Maliobor , we dinner arround malioboro street after this ivon ririn went back home first and dika still with me . Ah really i felt dika wont to let me go home , he accompanied me until 2 a.m in Hotel . And he wont back to home . he just said " see you soon , i'm glad to meet you " haaaaaa it was memorable moment
It was an amazing day ! God gave me surprised , Dika came when i felt so blue , and he did change it ! Glad to meet him , my sahabat pena :) .

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